Gasp Throwback Sleeveless Off White Iron Camp Print

$ 49.00 $ 34.00

Made specifically for Inspired by the golden age of hardcore training, this tee honors the iron warriors and their toughest workouts of the past.

Length: CM S-68, M-70, L-72, XL-74, XXL-76, INCH S-26 7/9, M-27 5/9, L-28 1/3, XL-29 1/7, XXL-30

Chest: CM S-52, M-55, L-58, XL-61, XXL-64, INCH S-20 1/2, M-21 2/3, L-22 5/6, XL-24, XXL-25 1/5

Designed for: Gymwear

Quality: 100% Cotton

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